1200MG Tincture – Natural – GM



  • Naturally Grown Hemp
  • 1200MG All Natural Hemp Flower Extract
  • Carried in MCT Oil
  • Topical & Edible
  • Grown, Processed, Bottled in Colorado


Available in both natural flavor and All Natural peppermint infused, our MCT products are chlorophyll free and always golden amber in color. The silky smooth texture originates from our high quality, All Natural MCT oil, the body’s preferred source of energy. Our gentle extraction process allows the delicate natural terpenes to stay intact, therefore creating a flavor profile that is unlike other CBD products on the market. With earthy and nutty hints, your palette will be content. For those looking for a milder taste profile, consider our All Natural peppermint oil infused MCT product. Peppermint oil not only enhances the flavor profile, but has added health benefits including soothing digestive issues, relieving headaches, and improving mental focus.
All Natural Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, All Natural MCT Oil

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