Tamara Wilson

I’m so thankful for this pharmacy! My doctor ordered a special compound cream medication for my chronic pain and it really helps. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Jane W

Rx Alternatives and specifically today, Michelle, have been exemplary in the quality of their products and customer service to me. All customer representatives have gone beyond typical assistance in their attention to detail, timeliness, product quality and humor! A+ rating to Rx Alternative Pharmacy! Thank you for your caring.

Shirley Steenbergen

I am very surprised and happy with the swift response to my Rx. They called on Friday to get address and other information regarding my Rx. I live outside of Lexington and received my Rx the following day. So happy to get it so quickly.
Thank you


I love the compound for my knee and leg pain. Without it I would be in a lot of pain. Thank you so much

Steve Gipson

I’ve never been to a better pharmacy. The staff does a great job with getting your medicine right and to you.


Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with this refill and any to follow in the future. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, especially during these days of stressful medical/health times. Whether by phone or internet, all of my interactions with you have been such positive experiences. Thank you for caring about my health and for providing an additional option to help me with those issues. You rock! Keep up the great job RXAP!

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